The Writers Cup




The Writers Cup and Lifetime Achievement Award

The Writers Cup is presented annually at The Writers Ball to a selected Author, Ghostwriter, Screenwriter, Playwright, Songwriter or Journalist.  Honorees are selected by a host committee. There is one recipient of The Writers Silver Cup and one recipient of the Lifetime Achievement in Writing Award.

One of the highest honors The Writers Ball bestows is The Silver Cup.   This award is presented to a living author with a career in writing that must span a minimum of 15 years, to include teaching writing,  and has made to significant contributions to the community and as a writer to encourage reading and to promote literacy.

The Lifetime Achievement Award has a requirement of a minimum of 10 years in writing,  to include teaching writing, or as a publisher, filmmaker, screenwriter, ghostwriter, playwright, songwriter, journalist, author, business or an organization who has made  significant contributions to the community to encourage reading and to promote literacy.

Recipients must in some way continue to impact the community by promoting writing, encourage reading, teach writing, as a book seller or as a publisher. 

Nominations are by email and should be forwarded to: with Nominate in the subject line. A Nomination form will then be forwarded to the person nominating.




2018 Nominations and Selection of The Writers Cup & Lifetime Achievement in Writing Award

Process of Nomination and Selection

The Writers Cup Committee will send invitation letters to persons who are qualified to nominate for The Writers Cup beginning June of 2018 for the 2018 year.

Qualified Nominators

The right to submit proposals for the award of The Writers Cup shall, by statute, be enjoyed by:

1.Members of the National Association of Women in the Arts and of other academies, institutions and societies which are similar to it in construction and purpose;
2.Professors of literature and of linguistics at universities and university colleges;
3.Previous The Writers Cup recipients;
4.Presidents of those societies of authors that are representative of the literary production in their respective countries.