The Writers Ball Grant Program



The Writers Ball Grant Program Applications are accepted beginning June 15, 2019.

The Writers Ball Grant Program, the nation’s largest independent private grant program, was created to support and bridge the gap between the financial reality and artistic creation. We do this by providing funding assistance and education for individuals with projects in artistic disciplines, including writing, performing or publishing of original creative works, giving them the opportunity to display their work for all the world to see. As long as funds are available, artists are granted funds once within a 12 month period. Priority is extended to supporters of The Writers Ball. The Writers Ball Grant Program is supported by private funds.


The Writers Ball Grant Program serves Authors, Playwrights, Screenwriters, Comedy Writers, Actors, Voice Actors, Vocalists, Teachers, Producers,  Filmmakers, Graphic Artists, Illustrators, Poets, Artists, Scripters, Biographers, Dramatists, Technical Writers, Songwriters.

The goal is to raise $500,000 annually. Industry professionals, corporations and community groups are invited to support the fundraising event with the purchase of sponsor packages ranging from $2,500-$55,000, purchasing tickets, or making a donation.

The Writers Ball is the largest fundraiser for The Writers Ball Grant Program. Funds are held at TD Waterhouse Bank.   Proceeds of 80% raised will be used for The Writers Ball Grant Program and 20% will be used for operating expenses for The Writers Ball.